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Accountability Coaching North London – Are you Committed ?

Who Am i?

I am a 51 year old wife and mother living in North London, who looks and feels better at 51 than I did at 21!

My goal in life is to help other people who feel like they are stuck in a physical rut regarding health, weight and style and need someone to be accountable to…someone to say, “Put that cake down!” and jolly them along; or to encourage going to the gym; take a power walk; or to play a fitness video at home.

I offer 1-2-1 support and accountability coaching daily via text or Whatsapp to help you to stay on track and have someone only a text away who thinks it’s
ALL ABOUT YOU.  Once you transform physically this will increase confidence and self-esteem and improve overall well being.  We will have fun too… humour is an essential part of our journey together.

I am a huge fan of slimming clubs which hold you accountable…but only for one hour per week. Low carb and low sugar lifestyle can be the answer to a lot of people’s weight issues, downloading one of the many calorie-counting apps is also advised.

I am not a nutritionist nor have I studied for years…however I am a middle aged woman that has battled with my weight for over 35 years having tried every diet and fitness craze out there…like I’m sure you have too.

So we can discuss which is best for you and your lifestyle when we have our one-to-one consultation, as there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to weight loss.

If going to the gym is not for you and thoughts of a personal trainer fill you with dread, then a power walk and one of my tailor made fitness videos with certified coach, Amrit Depala will help you progress.

I am not claiming to be an expert, a trained professional or a life coach. However I am a real woman who has battled with weight all my life and now I have found out that the secret and key to moving forward is to be accountable to myself and to others like me.

If you’re looking for an Accountability Coach in North London call me to see what we can achieve together!

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My 2 weeks of Accountability was so much fun ,checking in and being checked up on really kept me on track ,Adele really understood me & my sugar addiction,

she talked me out of making bad choices and talked me into good ones , I lost weight and gained a friend!


well I got my holiday body thanks to Adele , 8st 9lb and a whole load of energy and confidence, Thank you x 


I lost 10lb in 6 weeks thanks to Adele, she made my weight and fitness journey so much fun with her daily update and checking I was staying on track. We took photos of what we ate and sometimes drunk ( G&T’s), being accountable really worked for me , I feel fantastic!!! 


I didn’t think I’d be brave enough to wear a bikini again at 50 ,but Adele gave me the confidence and mindset to do so. The last 10 weeks have changed my life and my relationship with food and exercise.