Your two week introduction to accountability for health and fitness


  • One hour face-to-face consultation (or Facetime if unable to meet in person) to assess your requirements.
  • A morning text to share photographs of your breakfast and how you’re feeling about the day ahead
  • Lunchtime photo and to share any challenges so far in the day
  • Evening dinner photo with shared thoughts as the days winds down
  • All about you ten minute workout videos – a selection to suit your physicality
  • Your personal athletic assessment and programme designed by personal trainer, Amrit Depala
  • Two weeks closing assessment by Facetime or phone to round up the introduction and consider the best way forward

Notes for the above:

  • Obviously life can get in the way sometimes and you may not be able to have lunch or dinner let alone take a photograph of it! But that’s fine as sometimes my own lunch can be anytime after breakfast.  Throughout the day I will send texts and special notes of encouragement to (possibly) stop you from making bad choices…or maybe to jolly you along.
  • I will also share my own personal daily struggle so you don’t feel alone.
  • Remember I’m a real wife and mother and sugar addict. I’ve even eaten food out of a bin (mine, not anyone else’s…yet!).   I care and I know how you feel.
  • Every day you are required to go for a 20 minute power walk, jog or cycle, which could even include going up and down the stairs at home.
  • If you don’t go to the gym, you must complete two of my 10-minute-workouts (all on video), plus the power walks.
  • If you feel fit enough to take on an extra fitness test, then why not try my 100-squat-challenge, spread throughout the day? This can even be done while brushing your teeth, talking on the phone (careful you might be a bit breathless!) or doing other chores.
  • The two-week price is £185